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Pot Pots - Coming Soon!

I was at a dinner party in 2015, and when the meal was finished and it was time for dessert, the hosts offered dessert, coffee, drinks and marijuana.  Everything was served with a a beautiful presentation aside for the pot.  At the same time, I was starting a small business making dinner and serve ware.  Light bulb moment!

Flash forward a couple of years, and while seated at a Whitney Museum Gala, a person sitting at my table pulled out a beautiful one-hitter pipe in an elegant case, and offered it to the table just after dessert.  Niche confirmed.  

It has taken me a few more years to work out the concept, and in that time, the cannabis industry has grown and grown.  The stigma has lifted. Medicinal marijuana eased us in, and now recreational use is no longer taboo.

Along this journey, I have learned a lot.  As the laws are changing and the stigma lifts, this industry will continue to grow. At the same time, we must recognize and work to right, the real affects of America's War on Drugs, and the irreparable harm it has done to our marginalize communities.


I am still researching on how as a small business and a member of my community I can contribute to the momentum being gained. There are so many organizations diligently fighting for social justice.  The Last Prisoner Project is doing great work.  As is Women's Prison Association.  These organizations articulate the injustices that marginalized communities have faced much better than I can.  More to come.  So much more to do!

Reach out to links above to learn more. 

Send me a message if you want to be notified when the Pot Pots roll out. 

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