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Tableware & Pendant Light 

Debut of Kolho by Matther Day Jackson for Made by Choice

With The Future Perfect at Casa Perfect NY

July 2019 - September 2019

Excerpt from press release:

Ceramicist Laura Seymour has created a set of dinnerware inspired by a spiral tie-dyes she made in collaboration with hers and Jackson’s two sons Everett and Flynn, at the same time that Jackson was starting protos for his Kolho line. The element of surprise became the source of joy; the metamorphosis of something from quite ordinary such as a plain white t-shirt or plate, to quite brilliant transpires after both processes . The surprise of opening the fabric after dying is not unlike the moment of opening the kiln after the glaze fire. Both processes are thoughtful and deliberate, but the results are ultimately unpredictable and not replicable. There is intention, an order, and a process, but in the end, the results are somewhat left to chance. The irregularities accentuate the handmade uniqueness of each piece.

For Seymour, the mechanical thus meditative process of making multiples represent the order, and chance and irregularity represent the elements of chaos. As the two worked simultaneously, conversations of the history the lunar landing, and the mythologies of Apollo created the foundation where Seymour would create dinnerware to accompany Kolho. To illuminate the presentation, Seymour and Jackson have collaborated in the design of a limited edition pendant light they have named The Eclipse. Made from stoneware and antique brass, the outer surface is an abstraction of far side of the moon, and the interior light is to suggest an eclipse.

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