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Tableware & Serveware

The tableware is made to order.  The shop notes the pieces are out-of-stock, so the best way to order is to submit an inquiry. Generally there is a 6-8 week lead time from the placement of the order, but please reach out to discuss your needs. 


Minimum of 4 pieces per item.  The price range accounts for hand painted pieces and single color glazes.  

Dinner Plate:  $110 - $178

Salad/Dessert Plate:  $85 - $142

Bowl:  $85 - $142

Cup:  $75 - $108


Check the Shop to see what's in stock.  If it is not currently available, reach out and we can get something in the works. There are no minimums for the Serving items.

Serving Bowl:  $295 - $325

Serving Platters:  $185 - $325

Interested in a Wedding Registry?  

Send me a message, and we can set this up.

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